Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Speed is the rate of motion, or equivalently the rate of change in position, often expressed as distance d traveled per unit of time t.

Actually i am not really into car enthusiasm - but this Audi R8 is just wicked!

Lovely isn't it?

This is Europe

what if?

Monday, January 14, 2008


Take care of them!

A pixieplant is a small, living plant which prospers in a small bio-dome. There are air holes on the top and watering holes on the bottom. It is like a small pet you can carry everywhere - to work, to school, to friendsand so on. You can also attach your little pixie to your keychain, cell phone, purse, back mirror of your car or just use it as a simple decoration in your office or at home.
To ensure an optimal growth, the owner has to give regular attantion and care to the pixieplant. The pixieplane on one hand has a positive, character building effect for children. On the other hand the pixieplant also helps busy working people to always be in contact with nature. It is a miniature live plant that encourages learning, stimulates thought, and creates joy... just like any pet!
If you take good care of your pixieplant it will grow and become a thriving plant. Carry around the little pixieplant and let it take part in your daily life. Your friends and relatives will be amazed about your companion. If your pixieplant outgrows its capsule just carefully remove it from the bio-dome and plant it in a pot.

pixieplants are the tamagotchis of the new trillenium!
You can easily buy them via http://www.pixieplants.com/